Today half of the 1.4 billion people living in countries affected by crises and fragility are under the age of 20. Many of these young people are among the first to step up to help their communities rebuild. However, too often, their unique needs are not specifically addressed in humanitarian responses, and their energy, leadership, knowledge and creativity is not tapped into to maximize the efforts’ impact. Young women are particularly at risk. In fact, during humanitarian crises, being young and female is one of the greatest risk factors for violence and death.

The Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action is an unprecedented and collective commitment of key actors to ensure that the priorities, needs and rights of young women and young men, girls and boys affected by disaster, conflict, forced displacement and other humanitarian crises, are addressed, and that they are informed, consulted, and meaningfully engaged throughout all stages of humanitarian action. The signatories to the compact commit to not only specifically fund, research and address youth’s needs in crisis settings, but also, to ensure they are part of designing and leading those responses.

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